The BRF Celebrates Mamakating’s 276th Birthday

Photo Credit: @Jenniphotos

Birthdays are new years, new beginnings, and I must say the retiring of this flag seemed to mark a commemoration of many new beginnings for this town. Perhaps even an ending to a difficult battle to save this historic landmark. Forward movement and gusto, on the part of the Bloomingburg Restoration Foundation (BRF) and this amazing community, who voted during the referendum to save its landmark, has breathed new life into this Cultural Center. We are creating just that, a center of town. A place of history and culture, where its inhabitants will be able to gather and meet neighbors.

Pine Bush High’s ever so helpful Robin Evans, introduced us to a fantastic talent, Tiffany Beckford, graduating senior and member of Pine Bush High’s Select Choir. (video excerpt above). As we partook in the wind carrying our nations anthem on its gentle waves.

father and son performers playing guitar

We had another treat also from Pine Bush High School (another big thank you to Department Chair Robin Evans), Tommy Brendel accompanied by his father Tom, local music instructor. We know Tom must be so proud of his son, such wonderful talent. They placed us all in a relaxed mood, after a busy week of 4th of July events, which allowed us to better enjoy the summer venue provided.


The renowned historian, seen on, among other venues the History Channel, Abach bahamitch, Mi’kmaq (in the language of his tribe the Algonquin’s), for chipmunk, also known as Evan Prichard, performed a mesmerizing flute and drum piece. Later we enjoyed a unique lecture by him, regarding the nomenclature of Mamakating and the history of the area. (to be featured, check back for link). After such peaceful and enriching reverence, we were ready to begin celebrating the long history of our town.

renowned historian evan prichard delivers talk




We could not be luckier with the musical talent that surrounds this area, and even more so that they were willing to stop by and help warm our “house”, so to speak and wish our town a happy birthday. You saw the flyer, we may not have photos of everyone, as we were running around to make sure everyone was having a nice afternoon, but our other musical guests included great names like: Linda Lambiase & Floyd Moser, Lorretta and Gary Hagen. We would also like to extend a special thank you to RJ Storm, Kurt Henry, Richard Hawthorne, MaxSmith & of course Paul Brower. Can you believe these names? This was the talent with which we were serenaded. Fiddle, base, keyboards, banjo, guitar, drum, these sounds were whipping around in the air creating some heavenly music to our ears.

lady with shaker and guitar player performing

band with keyboard, banjo, fiddle, guitar & bass perform
So lucky they were in the house; these guys really TURNED IT UP A NOTCH


female historian delivers talk

BRF’s own Virdanna Lawrence, former historian of Mamakating, gave us an incredible presentation as well. I am new to the area, and only know Virdanna as a spirited and helpful member. I had no idea of the storehouse of information this woman possesses. She helped us to visualize the vastness of the original precinct-ship. You will definitely be hearing more from her again!


Oh…dessert…This guy did an awesome job of helping the kiddos crank up some yummy homemade ice cream. Then it was on to the Red, White & Blue themed cupcakes (even soft purple (yum!) which for those creative types we know is a combo of all three)! We sang a spirited round of the Happy Birthday chorus. I think everyone will agree it was not as beautiful as Tiffany’s anthem, nor the vocals of our musical guests, but it had some heart. …then came the lineup for FREE dessert

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who donated their time and efforts into providing us with the yummy birthday cakes.

and the birthday cake’s biggest fan, is not this tie-dyed lady, but someone near and dear to her..



Most of the volunteers on the planning committee, are not pictured here, but they were there behind the scenes, in full force helping to make this day special and we thank you! In fact, the Bloomingburg Restoration Foundation cannot thank all of you who attended the event and assisted in various ways enough for contributing your time, contributions, efforts and talents. These sort of things cannot be done alone. It takes teamwork! In fact, just coming to help celebrate is a huge contribution, because without an audience, our event would not have been as joyful. Thank you all. Here’s to a new year and here’s to making a neighborhood!

community members sitting at the in front of the church