Notices : Hear Ye, Hear Ye

BRF Annual Elections 2019

Hello all…It was decided during the last meeting that the last election did not follow the appropriate protocols.  We will be having a re-election September 16th 2019, at 7pm at the regular meeting at the Bloomingburg Cultural Center. 

The nominees are all uncontested (as you will see below), except for the position of President, where we have two nominees:

 There will be ballots provided.  If anyone cares to provide a write-in candidate, that will be possible as well. 


Paul Brower

Margret O’Hara

Vice President:

Joann LeBreque

Recording Secretary:

Adrienne Jensen


Cheryl Hultslander

Corresponding Secretary:

Adrienne Jensen

Membership Secretary:

Gwen Deserto

Outdoor Tent Needed

We have a few things on our wish list. Among them are outdoor portable party canopies. We have several outdoor activities in the works and as you know the weather is always an unknown. If you have any information about large or smaller canopies for donation, please contact us.