About The Bloomingburg Restoration Foundation

hazy spring sunrise shot of the bloomingburg reformed protestant dutch church

The Bloomingburg Restoration Foundation oversees the Cultural Center of Bloomingburg. It is not just a building, in which things are stored. It is a building of much history where people have prayed, learned, fought, cried, sang, danced, laughed and made a neighborhood.

Our Cultural Center and museum is housed in the mostly untouched walls of the historic former Bloomingburg Reformed Protestant Dutch Church. This Federal-style building dates back to 1821 and is one of the oldest churches in this country. Its current address is 112 Main Street. It faces Main Street and its 80 foot active bell tower can be seen in many aerial shots today and in times past. It is a local landmark.

The church fell on times of disrepair for a few years as members dwindled. Furnishings were stolen and vandalized. In 1977, because of this, the Bloomingburg Restoration Foundation (BRF), was formed to preserve and oversee the building. In 1980 the church, no longer in use, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is currently a local and regional history museum and the home of Bloomingburg’s Cultural Center.

In 1999, the county transferred the church to the Town of Mamakating. In 2017, the town commenced to sell the property to a Pentecostal congregation and gave the Foundation an order to vacate. The BRF, after having invested large amounts of money into the repair and maintenance of the building, fought back .

It was because of the support of the town in 2018, signing a petition to make a referendum on the sale and the town voting overwhelmingly against its sale, that it was overturned.

This was a major victory for the history of this town and we thank you!